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Sea Temptress Series

Out Summer 2020
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About Kimberley Cale

Kimberley Cale writes fantasy romance and is the author of the Sea Temptress Series and the epic Tales of Terraron. She has been a reading addict for as long as she can remember. While she enjoys reading anything and everything from historical, paranormal to contemporary novels, she has found her passion bringing her feisty heroines together with their bad boy heroes and adding a spark of magic to create fantastic page turning romance.


Kimberley Cale is an amazing writer. Her imagination and romantic side really shows through in her page turning novel "Caught". Such an enjoyable and fun read.

Jessica Dow, Reader

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Kimberley Cale has written an engaging and compelling story that plays on the traditional relationship between ocean-faring pirates and the mythical sirens of the sea. Caught, a beautiful romance that emerges after a pirate is marooned with a beautiful mermaid.; this story is a page turner and will knock you out of the water!

Christy Howell, Jungle Book Shelf

Caught is an enchanting and beautiful romance story which skillfully weaves exciting mythology and swoon-worthy moments together, drawing readers further into the gripping tale of Quinn the Pirate and Lorelei the mermaid. Very enjoyable read!

Gaby Michaelis, Wanderlost Blog

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