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Kimberley Cale

Kimberley Cale - Author

After visiting over half of the United States, Mexico, The Dominican, Europe and parts of
Canada, she can honestly say the experience has broadened her perspective on other cultures and
enlivened her already overactive imagination.
Her family will tell you that from the time she was a child she has rarely been without a
journal in hand building worlds for her characters to live in and exciting obsoletes for them
to overcome.
With a few college and online writing courses under her belt, Kimberley is constantly
learning how to improve her writing craft online, While she worked for an insurance
company, part of her job involved writing letters to claimants. These were sad tales that
should have started with sorry for your loss. Later she worked in the safety industry and
wrote many a safety manual for different companies. Unfortunately not one manual
included an ounce of romance in it. Finally after years of research, which involved reading a
great variety of romance novels well into the night, she decided to pursue her writing
Kimberley’s other loves besides her awesome family include, trying unsuccessfully to keep
the weeds out of her garden. So far verbal threats and hand gestures haven’t worked; still it’s
a war she intends to win. She’s also obsessed with a streaming cup of hot chocolate; well
chocolate of any kind really, there’s been talk amongst family and friends about an
intervention. When she’s not writing you will find her snuggled next to her hubby searching
Netflix for the latest epic movies.
More than anything else she loves hearing from her readers and makes it a priority to
respond to any and all who are willing to take the time to send her a line.

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