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Sea Temptress Series | Book 1

A vengeful pirate….

To him she was nothing more than a murdering siren that sank his ship. He swore he would make her pay.

A beautiful sea temptress…

To her he was naught but a thieving pirate who stole her away to an island forbidden to her kind.

Magic and Mayhem bring them together  

Now he’s obsessed with this mythical creature from beneath the sea. Her voice is a weapon of death yet her eyes compel him to give in to her every desire.

A daughter of Poseidon, Lorelei should not be consumed by a ruthless pirate who threatens vengeance but whose touch leaves her craving more.




Sea Temptress Series | Book 2

See what happens when the king of the fae dares to cross paths with an enraged mermaid set on revenge.



Sea Temptress Series | Book 3

She left her world behind and found herself drawn into his. She’s trying to escape the horrible fate that awaits her from beneath the sea.

He promised to show her all the wonders this land had to offer.

But it was the small glimpses of the man behind the mask he showed the world that intrigued her most.
He was determined to see his plans succeed and she was the key.

But who was this too trusting creature with a face of an angel and a heart far too tender for his diabolical plans.

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